Two orange hands signing like a sailboat with a sail, a splash of blue water below with a tiny heart.


Learn more about Handsail Publishing and That Deaf Guy in these sections.


There are plenty of cool things for you to buy in this section, and the bonus is that you’re supporting a Deaf-owned small business! Get your prints, stickers, shirts, and more in our awesome shop.


Looking for That Deaf Guy comics? This is where you will find the archive and information about comics. You must get permission before reprinting or using any of these comics – to do so, use the contact page.


Are you curious about Matt’s other artwork and general portfolio? This is where you can find some examples of his work.


Matt offers illustration, logo design, and other services. These services include color customization of existing designs, and Deaf Culture consulting.


Would you like to request services? Do you want to discuss licensing opportunities? Do you want to have Matt give a presentation?  This is where you can contact Matt.

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