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"That Deaf Guy" Questions

The comic strip first appeared on the website in the fall of 2010.
Matt and his wife Kay created “That Deaf Guy”. They live in Burbank California since 2008.
The purpose is primarily entertainment for anyone who can appreciate Deaf Culture and Sign Language but especially for the Deaf community.
Yes, many teachers, writers, and scholars use TDG as a resource in educational materials, powerpoints and lectures, to name a few.
The creators of “That Deaf Guy” remain neutral about these topics. However, they do emphasize the use of sign language in their comic strip since the cartoonist Matt Daigle is profoundly deaf and uses ASL.
Yes, please contact us directly at
Yes, materials can not be copied, or used in whole or in part without the creators expressed permission.
The creators of “That Deaf Guy”, set aside a portion of their merchandise yearly to donate to nonprofit organizations that support the Deaf and Deaf/Blind communities. Please contact

General Questions

American Sign Language.
To learn more about Ushers Syndrome click here:
The character Cedric is considered a CODA – a Child Of A Deaf Adult.

Questions about Matt

Yes, Matt was born profoundly Deaf due to Ushers Syndrome.
Matt is primarily self taught but also studied art Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York and at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. [see bio]
No, Matt’s parents and older sister can hear.
Matt graduated in 1990 from Roosevelt High School in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1999 and received his Masters of Sign Language Education in 2019. [see bio]
He graduated with a degree in Advertising Design. Matt is a graphic artist, layout designer, illustrator, cartoonist, and theater stage designer.
Matt has won numerous awards over the years.
  • Edmund Lyon Memorial Lectureship Series Speaker
  • RIT 2012 Graduate of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) Alumni Award
  • NSU 2011 International Breastfeeding Icon Winner
  • 2006 Circle of Excellence Award, Communication Services for the Deaf
  • 2004 Most Valuable Employee Award
  • Northern State University 1999 Non-Traditional Student Award
  • Northern State University 1999 Best Set Design Award – Theatre Arts Department, Northern State University 1998.
Matt, like most artists, must wear many hats in order to earn a living. In addition to cartooning, Matt is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and educator. Matt currently is an instructor in the Deaf Studies department at California State University – Northridge.
Matt is a highly coveted public speaker and can be contracted to speak at your next event. Please contact him at to discuss rates and availability.
Matt is a huge advocate of the Deaf community and has spent many years drawing, lecturing, and donating his artwork for free. At this time, Matt can no longer donate his time. He is an in-demand artist and his time is very limited.
Yes, Matt is considered Deaf/Blind due to Ushers Syndrome. Although he prefers to be called Deaf and Partially Sighted since he still has central vision.
Sometimes. Matt uses a cane in crowded places such as conventions, malls, festivals, and theme parks. He primarily uses sighted guide for mobility.
No, he does not use tactile signing but benefits from close vision signing.
That depends on many factors such as lighting, the distance of an object and movement. Matt has, at present, a 10 degree visual field. He has a difficult time seeing hand shakes, baby strollers, and obstacles in his mobility path since they are outside of his visual field. This also goes for low lying tree branches, canopies, or overhead obstacles such as low hanging lights. He also has a difficult time seeing movement such as quickly moving bicycles, cars, and people merging as they walk. He is also light sensitive. He can not see brightly lit objects, people standing in front of such objects or dimly lit areas such as restaurants or movie theaters.
It is best to sign to Matt at or above the breastbone to the middle of the face and no wider than the shoulders.
Yes, Matt is married to co-creator, writer of “That Deaf Guy”, Kay Oldfather-Daigle since 1996. They have one son, Hayden born in 2005.
While updated work needs to be added, you can see his earlier artwork at
Matt with his wife Kay have a Deaf Consulting and translation services. They can be reached at Matt also has a successful sticker business called “Stickers by Matt Daigle” you can check out his store at
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