Panel 1: (Desmond and Helen are in bed. Desmond is deeply asleep, and Helen just woke up from Desmond’s flashing alarm light. She looks tired and annoyed.)

HELEN: (thinking) Desmond’s flashing alarm is way too DIM. 

Panel 2: (Helen and Desmond are standing. Helen just removed the light bulb, and Desmond is standing next to her holding a box of 500 watt light bulbs. Desmond is smiling, Helen looks shocked as Desmond talks to Helen.)

DESMOND: “This SHOULD do the trick!”

Panel 3: (Desmond and Helen are back in bed. The flashing light is going off SUPER BRIGHT and startled Desmond and Helen awake, and one of Helen’s hair curls flew out of her hair.)

Panel 4: (Desmond and Helen are sitting at a table. Desmond has a coffee cup sitting on the table, while Helen is holding a tea. Helen looks really tired, still has her hair curlers in her disheveled hair. Both of their faces are half red vertically. Desmond is talking to Helen.)

DESMOND: “Is it me or do we LOOK sunburned?”

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