Welcome to Handsail Publishing!

HANDSAIL Publishing is the Deaf owned online business by Matt Daigle! Matt is a well-known cartoonist who co-created the webcomic “That Deaf Guy.” He is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who just so happens to be Deaf and has Low Vision.

In addition to his art, Matt has studied ASL for over 10 years and in 2019 obtained his Masters Degree in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Matt is currently an instructor at California State University, Northridge, in the Deaf Studies Department where he has been employed for over 7 years.

Matt’s deep desire to preserve ASL and create original art work was the impetus behind the launch of HANDSAIL in 2023. He was inspired to establish HANDSAIL based on his own needs as an instructor and the scarcity of ASL educational materials available to teachers and families. HANDSAIL marries his loves of art and ASL, and the results are materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian.


Matt’s mission is to create original ASL artwork that entertains, educates, and supports the Deaf and academic communities.


The HANDSAIL logo is not just an icon but a symbol. The two orange signing hands indicate a ship with a sail, cutting through the blue water and embracing the horizon. It is on a journey of love and hope, just like the journey that Laurent Clerc embarked on, crossing the ocean from France, to bring Sign Language to America. No matter how smooth or rough the waters may get, this ship is forever charting a new course of discovery and innovation. HANDSAIL symbolizes a commitment to preserving Deaf language and culture, honoring the past and welcoming the future.
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