Panel 1: (A life-sized Starbucks cup with “PSL” written on it is smiling, wearing red boxing gloves, and throwing a punch at Desmond, who is turning his head in recoil with his eyes closed, blowing air out of his mouth. A loud KA-POW! appears at the top)

Panel 2: (A life-sized pumpkin pie is smiling, punching Desmond in the face with red boxing gloves. A loud BAM! appears at the top)

Panel 3: (A life-sized orange candle is smiling with its eyes closed, wearing red boxing gloves, and punching Desmond with an uppercut. Desmond is taking the punch with his mouth open, his eyes are crossed out with X’s, and stars are surrounding his head with a skull. There is a loud WHUP! at the top)

Panel 4: (Helen is sitting at a table, eating a slice of pumpkin pie. Beside one side of her, there is a steaming pumpkin pie. Above the pie, there is a shelf with an orange pumpkin-scented candle. On Helen’s other side of the table, there is a steaming cup of Starbucks coffee. She is looking at Desmond with her eyebrows raised. Desmond is standing at the end of the table, frowning and looking nauseous with a green-colored nose, sticking out his tongue. There are green bubbles appearing above his shoulder. He is signing smell)


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