Panel 1: (Helen is signing; one hand is making a two handshape, and the other hand is pointing. There is a red crosshair target aimed at Helen’s hair just above her ear)

Panel 2: (Helen’s face is closer, with the red crosshair target around her face. A red circle and square is aimed at her hair just above her ear. She is still signing, making a Y handshape. The caption at the top of the panel is written in a technological font)

Caption: “WHIRRR…”

Panel 3: (Still zooming into Helen’s hair just above her ear – the red crosshair target is aimed at a gray hair strand. A red circle is around it, with an arrow pointing at it. There is a red caption box just below the circle, written in a technological font)


Panel 4: (Desmond looks surprised with his mouth open, pointing and signing gray hair to Helen, who is giving a sarcastic expression with a hand resting on her hip, slightly frowning)


Helen is thinking: “CAN’T HIDE FROM DEAF EYES!”

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