Panel 1: (Desmond and two men look excited, smiling, signing to each other. Desmond is holding 3 tickets and showing a thumbs-up, the second man is signing cool, and the third man is pointing at a sign, which is adorned with Jack-O-Lanterns, a bat, a skull and bone, webs, and a spider. The sign says HAUNTED HOUSE with an arrow showing direction)

Panel 2: (Desmond is whistling, looking at a chemistry lab bench with a brain in a beaker. He is in the back of the line, behind the other two men who are smiling. One of them is pointing at test tubes. They are oblivious to a giant rat monster swiping through an open window behind them)
Rat Monster: “RWWOARRR!!

Panel 3: (Desmond is unimpressed, behind the men, looking up at a skeleton wrapped in a spider web with several spiders. One man is flicking a spider, and the other man is shaking a web off his head, sticking out his tongue. They are oblivious to a giant spider falling down from the ceiling behind them)
Spider: “BOING!

Panel 4: (Desmond looks disappointed, slightly hunched over with his hands in his jacket pockets. He is walking with the other two men, who also look disappointed, towards the EXIT sign. They are walking through a cemetery with several tombstones, a skull, and a bone. They are oblivious to a monster popping out of a coffin)
Coffin Monster: “MMMWAHHH!!

Panel 5: (The man in the rat monster costume is confused. He has the head part taken down in his arms, pointing at Desmond and the 2 men, talking to the coffin monster, who also looks confused and is shrugging. Desmond looks suspicious, giving a hmm handshape. The second man looks confused, signing wonder; the third man is signing wait and miss, looking concerned)
Rat Monster: “WHAT DID WE DO WRONG?!”
Coffin Monster: “THEY WEREN’T EVEN SCARED?!”

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