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Panel 1: (A spaceship is approaching a city on a different planet, flying past two moons and descending)

Panel 2: (The spaceship is hovering above a building rooftop. There is a dark silhouette of a person sitting on the ship. A ladder hangs on the ship, leading down to the rooftop, near a hole on the ground of the roof. A dark silhouette of another person is climbing down the ladder. The climber is wearing a helmet and a pack on his back)

Panel 3: (The climber, dressed completely in black, is descending into the building through the hole on the ground)

Panel 4: (An armored guard is keeping watch, wearing a helmet and shoulder pads, holding a large blade. Above the guard, a ceiling vent swings open)

Panel 5: (Gloved hands come up from behind the guard. One hand is taking the guard’s helmet off and the other hand is holding a zapper against the guard’s neck, shocking the guard with a loud ZAP! sound)

Panel 6: (The guard’s helmet can be seen falling down. The person dressed in black is determinedly looking up at a concrete slab, hanging on a wall with a light illuminating it. There is a figure of a person on the front of the slab)

Panel 7: (The person in black takes off his mask and Desmond’s smiling face is shown. He is looking at the date stamp on the side of the slab, which shows the year 2016)

Panel 8: (A close-up view of the figure of a person on the slab shows Desmond resting with his eyes closed and mouth open, his arms upright, with his hands near his face. Both his hands are making I-Love-You handshapes)

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